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    Hello and Welcome to Alston Bros!

    We are two brothers based in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by great mountain bike trails. We founded Alston Bros in March of 2007.

    The Pacific Northwest has a reputation of raining a great deal in the winter. It’s not unusual to return home after a great ride with the bike covered in mud, wash the bike and do it all over again on the next ride. This gave us the idea for our first design, Ride Rinse Repeat. It was primarily for ourselves, we just wanted the shirt with this design on it and couldn’t find it anywhere else. We soon found that many others wanted the shirt too. We started receiving requests from our riding buddies, bike shops and have been shipping this shirt worldwide ever since.

    Since that first design we have released many other designs, not all of them related to mountain biking. We have designed shirts for Charity Walks and Clubs.

    We get our inspiration from everywhere. Hanging out with friends or family and someone says something funny it might end up on a future shirt. We have notebooks full of potential ideas that we continue to bounce off each other including our friends and family. There are a few designs that land flat, but the creative process keeps it fun and we’ll continue to produce designs because we want the shirt and hope you will too.

    -Alston Bros